NC ASA Girl's Fastpitch

***Due to rain that continues to fall in Burlington and the forecast of cold temps and not enough sunshine to dry the fields, the March Madness tournament scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled***

****Date and Venue Change for the NCASA 14U State****
Due to conflicts with the regional qualifier we have had to move the 14U A State tournament to Henderson, NC, now to be played June 12-14, 2015

Be sure to check out all the UNIFORM GIVEAWAY events on the Tournnament page. Tournaments are now in Oxford, Henderson, and Tarboro.  Details have been modified to give teams from every age group a chance to win. 

Camping at Oxford Park. Camping at Oxford park is permitted under new rules & guidelines. Please contact Mike Van Horn with NC ASA (919) 394-6785 to get the details. Camper space will be available on a first come first serve basis. There are only four "free" spaces and three fee based spaces.
We welcome you to the home of NC ASA Girls' Fastpitch. A site dedicated to the advancement of girls' fastpitch in North Carolina. We hope you find the necessary tools to help you, and your team, explore all the opportunities available for each individual young lady associated with fastpitch softball here in NC and around the region. NC ASA is proud to announce that we will have four $500 scholarships given away by "blind draw" at two selected tournaments. These are available to any player, of any age, that plays in one of these tournaments.
We offer a tournament page, listing all the quality ASA tournaments in the region including showcase type tournaments from across the region. We offer a message board to be used to post news, events, and tryouts. We now have a profile page available to college coaches that you can post your profile on, FREE of CHARGE. This site is password protected so that all the information will be available only to college coaches requesting access. We welcome your comments and questions. We are here to assist you in all aspects of girl’s fastpitch in NC.

ASA National has also made it mandatory that one coach of any team that wishes to continue on to “championship” play, must be ACE Certified. The certification is available online at

NC ASA has made a requirement that a team must play in at least one ASA event in North Carolina, as a qualifier, to secure a spot in the NC ASA "A" State tournament. You must also compete in the NC ASA State to qualify for entry in any of the ASA Regional National tournaments. Remember that picture IDs are required for the National tournaments.

For 2014, the cost for individual registration is $12.00 for non-picture ID cards for “B” teams and $18.00 for the picture ID cards for “A” teams. All teams playing “championship” play must sanction as an “A” team with the picture ID cards. Remember this covers insurance and sanction fee with the registration. This is a great way to save a little money for teams who only wish to play local tournaments only and sanction as “B”. Example: A team with 12 kids and a coach, can cover their team with insurance including the sanction fee for around $154.00. As always, I have an open door policy. If you would like to speak to me about any of the changes please feel free to call me at 336-416-6056. Sincerely, Rick McHone NC ASA JO Commissioner



NC ASA will now have Sunday Worship Services at each of it's tournaments throughout the summer travel ball season. Please invite all your players, parents, and coaches to attend.Details will be available from your tournament director.